The Legal Writing Institute (LWI), the Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD), and LexisNexis are pleased to announce the 2018 Legal Writing Scholarship Grants for teachers of legal research and writing. These grants reflect the three organizations’ commitment to the professional development of legal research and writing professionals.

Each year, LWI, ALWD, and LexisNexis award several research grants to legal research and writing teachers. These research grants enable gifted educators to spend their summers exploring scholarly ideas and producing scholarship that will assist others in the field of legal research and writing. While preference is given to proposals in the field of legal research and writing, consideration will be given to all proposals from legal research and writing professionals. The grants provide evidence of the three organizations’ support for the scholarly pursuits of legal research and writing professionals.

In the past, the grants have varied from $2000 to $5000. The number of grants awarded depends on the quality of the applications and funds available. In 2017, LWI and ALWD cooperatively evaluated and awarded grants to four applicants.

The joint LWI-ALWD committee awarding grants consists of two groups that function independently. Committee members are either voters or mentors for the grant applicants. Voters review and score grant applications with no information about the identities of the applicants. Applicants may approach the mentors for advice on the grant application. Mentors will not score applications or participate in any way in deciding who receives a grant. Any applicant interested in a mentor for the application process should contact Jane Grisé, jane.grise@uky.edu.

More information about the application process can be found here.

The application can be found here.