This is a new committee formed to provide leadership support to ALWD members, provide training on leadership skills, and enhance ALWD's leadership in the academy.


  • ABA Task Force: An on-going commitment jointly with LWI members, monitors potential changes in the ABA standards that impact the legal writing academy; testifies before committees related to the review of ABA standards; prepares position letters on behalf of ALWD and LWI.
  • Bylaws: Periodically reviews the ALWD By-Laws; suggests changes to the by-laws for board approval.
  • New Directors: Provides support to new directors; organizes meetings with new directors at conferences.
  • Leadership & Development: Provides mentoring opportunities to directors; helps develop the leadership skills of ALWD members; promotes leadership within ALWD.
  • Diversity: Serves as a resource for all Committees to ensure inclusion of diverse voices in ALWD’s programming and resources.
Committee Chair(s) & Liaison Members
Elections Jeremy Mullem (Chair) Megan McAlpin
Wanda Temm (L)

ABA Task Force Wanda Temm(Chair) Lyn Entrikin
Teri McMurtry-Chubb
Mary-Beth Moylan
Anthony Niedwiecki
Kim Chanbonpin

Advisory Members:
Mary Algero
Mary Beth Beazley
Brad Clary
Richard Neumann
Craig Smith
Kathleen Elliot Vinson
Mel Weresch

By-Laws Brenda Gibson(Chair Cynthia Adams
Lin Entrikin
Tonya Kowalski (L)
Rebecca Scharf
New Directors Mark Cooney (Chair) Elizabeth DeArmond
Michelle Falkoff
Suzanne Rabe (L)
Neil Sobol
Kathy Vinson
Ursula Weigold
Leadership and Development Cynthia Adams (Chair) Jill Barton
Erin Donelon
Katrina June Lee (L)
Alexa Chew
Sha-Shana Crichton
Tamar Schwartz
Jan Levine
Melissa Henke
Mary-Beth Moylan
Catherine Wasson
Diversity Nantiya Ruan (Chair) Mary Adkins (L)
Elizabeth Berenguer
Vanita Snow
Kathryn Stanchi
Meredith Stange
Julie Zink