Provides service to ALWD.


  • Conference Program: Designs the overall program; selects a plenary speaker or panel; drafts the Call for Proposals; reviews and selects the presentations; organizes the program schedule; notifies the presenters.
  • Conference Site: Works with the site host on all aspects of conference details; secures sponsorships.
    Note: The conference site and program committees combined are the conference committee.
  • Website: Maintains and updates website; provides suggestions to the board on improving the website; investigates existing platform and new platforms for use for an online Legal Communication and Rhetoric: JALWD.
  • Membership: Works with Secretary on annual membership drive including verification of membership status and updating the DIRCON listserv.
  • Survey: Works with LWI on developing, administering, and maintaining the annual legal writing survey.
  • Blackwell Reception: Works with LWI on organizing Blackwell Reception including location, catering, program, etc.
Committee Chair(s) & Liaison(s) Members
Conference Chair Anne Mullins (Chair)
Conference Site David Krech (Chair) Laura Graham
Shakira Pleasant
Kenitsa Mavrova Heinrich
Mary Adkins
Website Jessica Wherry (Co-Chair)
Meredith Stange (Co-Chair)
Wanda Temm
Kimberly Hoist
Amy Milligan
Survey Jodi Wilson (Chair) Meredith Aden
Ted Becker
Peter Nemerovski
Joan Rocklin
Johanna K.P. Dennis
Gail Mullins
Judy Rosenbaum
Blackwell Reception Denista Mavrova Heinrich (Chair) Mary Garvey Algero
Karin Mika
Mary Purvis
Samantha Moppett
Awards Suzanne Rabe
Wanda Tem